Corporate Publishing

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   Below are some samples of past customers who chose to improve their image in the building marketplace (As an example of just one industry). When a prospect can study a full-color brochure featuring you - with no competitors inside - expect to close more sales. The brochure answers many of the prospect's initial questions and softens them in advance for your sales force.

The good folks at Sundance were a treat to work with. Wayne Kinsella, the President of Sundance Master Builders, was also the president of the Edmonton Home Builders' Association while the magazine was being produced.

Based out of the beautiful city of St. Albert, their spacious new office is outstanding - it's sure to serve this dynamic company well into the future.

Sundance is also a Certified Master Builder, which means they've received close to 400 hours of classroom instruction and 13 courses specific to the residential construction industry. This means a better home for you using the latest ideas and techniques.

You can reach Sundance Master Builders at: (780) 459-0882

The homes that Len Pick builds are truly special. We've seen many, many showhomes throughout Alberta over the last 5 years, and we can say that Len has an unmatched eye for at least 2 things;

1. Perfect finishing detail -and we mean Perfect!

2. Designs that are truly unique and artistic - and yet still very functional.

Len is focused guy, with a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. You'll have complete confidence in Len to build you a home that's as good as it can possibly be.

If you've felt in the past that you needed to personally check out the job site every day or two, you'll rest easy by choosing Homes by Lenden for your next home. Give him a call at (780) 448-2226.

The President of Bravo has spent many years working in renovations. After working with the problems of existing buildings during renovations, he decided it was time to start building homes from the ground up.

With their show homes, they provide many options for a client to consider. This is why a custom home is often the best choice for today's selective customer.

Give them a call at (780) 438-1597.

Daytona Homes is a company that's going places. With offices across Alberta, they know what people want. A quote from Daytona's president says it all:

"Success is reached when we have exceeded the expectations of every customer" - Ralph Hutchinson

Notice that he uses the word "exceeded" instead of "met". Daytona goes the extra mile. Daytona works hard for you, testimonial after testimonial from happy customers says it all.

By the way... Daytona Homes is also a Certified Master Builder - they are committed to the industry and keep informed with the latest techniques and products to ultimately provide an incredible home with excellence customer service.Call them today at: (780) 452-2288

The first thing about Parkwood homes that surprised us was their Home Warranty Program. Like many of the top builders, they are members of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. But here's the catch...

Parkwood offers their warranty as the "24/10 Double Coverage Plan". This means that their warranty is DOUBLE everyone else's! They offer a 2-year service warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty. Now that's hard to beat... a compelling reason in it's own right to choose Parkwood for your next home.

Sundance is also a Certified Master Builder. You can be assured that they know what they're doing. With the confidence to double their warranty right out of the gate, teamed with having their own in-house design staff to quickly make design changes, Parkwood has it all.

Warranties aside, Parkwood builds homes that truly unique - they really do "feel like home" when you see them, even for the very first time. For more information, reach them at: (780) 436-8118.