MIDI Programming

    If you've ever been amazed by the shows of Cirque de Soleil or seen the wonder of Disneyland, then you've seen MIDI in action. In the 1980's, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was initially designed to help electronics instruments communicate with each other, regardless of manufacturer. In the 1990's, both software and hardware engineers looked to the reliability and relative simplicity of the MIDI protocol to solve other technical problems in running live performances.

    What does this mean? MIDI is an elegant solution to automate time-based events in syncronization to music.

    Our MIDI specialist has been working with MIDI since 1989. He has automated several shows, including sequencing music tracks and embedding data within the tracks to control other parameters such as stage lighting and effect units. He is possibly one of the top people in Canada in this regard, and is very familiar with most MIDI-related programs on the PC platform.