Powerpoint Presentations

    The LCD projector has changed business communications dramatically. If you need some extra "pizzazz" for your presentation, give us a call and we can prepare some special effects for you to put in to your powerpoint file.

Imagine a presentation where there are 20 photos (properly scanned and color-corrected), along with background music. We'll set everything up and run it for you. When the presentation is over, we'll provide a copy of the presentation on CD so you can enjoy it again and again! All for just $595.00.


   If you would like us to design the entire production, we can do that as well. Our presentations can have embedded music, full motion video, and vector animations. You will be amazed at Powerpoint's capabilities after seeing our work. If you don't have days to spend reading books and learning about how to push the envelope using Powerpoint, leave it to us.

   Business Presentations are the obvious choice for PowerPoint productions. However, there are some other events than can benefit from a memorable and dynamic presentation as well; Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Memorials to name a few. Many options are available - a quote will be provided which lists the details of your custom-made production. The best part for you... it'll all be taken care of!