Website Design

    The Precision Marketing Group is a full-service web creation service! Our professionals design graphics, write the copy for the web site and handle the programming of the site.

    Our design department has a comprehensive knowledge of web graphic design. This includes understanding the differences in resolution between printing and on-line graphics. We are capable of animated graphics, transparent graphics, and a variety of photographic and line-art graphic elements. This technical know-how, combined with our creative talents, allows us to develop successful web sites.

    We have accomplished writers at a wide variety of styles - technical writing, product description, public relations, human interest, etc. Our editors can also take customer supplied copy and convert it to web-friendly text. We also understand how to make copy have impact in a medium that typically encourages short attention spans. That is, if someone is not completely interested in a page that they are on, something exciting is just a mouse click away.

    The Precision Marketing Group has the capabilities to program a completely outfitted website. We have experience creating tables, forms, frames, animations, and virtually any other technology utilized on the internet.